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"Market forces,” including a liquidity crunch, are contributing to the pressures on bitcoin and on GBTC, CEO Michael Sonnenshein said TV’s “First Mover.”
The my page Research Annual Crypto Review for 2021 examines some of the key themes and metrics that marked the year’s progress in cryptocurrency markets.
The Helium Network is a crypto-powered network of Internet hotspots, but it has saved one amateur fisherman thousands of dollars on crab pots every year.
The crypto exchange’s founder and CEO made his case at a Washington, D.C., roundtable, while mainstream derivatives firms painted his ideas as dangerous.
Market forces,” including a liquidity crunch, are contributing to the pressures on bitcoin and on GBTC, CEO Michael Sonnenshein said TV’s “First Mover.”"
Carbon credit protocols have had a difficult time in recent months but have been working to improve the way they operate; bitcoin outperformed other major cryptocurrencies in Thursday trading.
Bitcoin’s rocky road to becoming a risk-off asset: Analysts investigate

Kyber Network and Bancor Network have been integrated into a new platform that provides cross-chain liquidity for decentralized finance.
Más de 60 bancos y compañías fintech me rechazaron solo por mi nacionalidad y residencia actual. Bitcoin soluciona eso.
As a financial advisor with clients interested in bitcoin, it’s crucial to understand upgrades to its network and their potential impact on bitcoin’s investment thesis.
With bitcoin showing signs of fear of a deeper price drop, plus a look at why crypto could become a force in retail payments, pages Markets Daily is back with the latest news roundup.

Ethereum for beginners | Ethereum 101

If you're just starting out in crypto, you'll hear a lot about "your keys." But there are two kinds and knowing which is which is, well, key.
Determines the exchange rates between major fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies, including BTC, BCH, ETH and XRP to USD, EUR, GBP, IDR and NGN.
Digital asset custodians have evolved significantly over the past decade to attract institutional participation at scale. It started with the pure safekeeping play during Custody 1.0 which evolved to Custody 2.0 when we built institutional-grade infrastructure to meet regulatory, operational, and compliance requirements, and now, we enter the Custody 3.0 era focused on monetizing custodied assets though various decentralized on-chain applications. The webinar will explore how institutional custodians provide access to on-chain services, enable interoperability across chains, and help organizations integrate digital assets into their business operations.
Ethereum is a blockchain-based network that aims to make it easier to create applications that aren’t managed or controlled by one entity. Instead, they are governed by code.
Better banking regulation must pass, but why wait for banks to protect cannabis when crypto offers solutions today? This post is part of Payments Week.
Infighting is hurting crypto, IOHK's Charles Hoskinson says, but he won't "apologize for kicking people in the teeth" on Twitter if someone is attacking Cardano or its community.
Most of Q1 was uninspiring, but bitcoin’s price ticked up as we closed out the quarter potentially signaling renewed strength in the crypto market.
Fresh signs emerged of accumulation by investors and greater adoption by nations from Africa to Central and South America.
One of the earliest signs that things were going wrong for Terra came when UST deposits on Anchor started dropping Saturday.
Following an attack on the network, more exchanges reportedly suspended trading of the BCH spin-off and Binance is shutting down its BSV mining pool.

Title Token for Blockchain Estate Registry, Part 1

Gamified yield farming with nonfungible tokens

The number of users on NFT markets is at its lowest point this year, but still higher than in 2021. The crypto lending platform sees an opportunity.
Blockchain tech has a solution to secure your email
“Most users who used Chivo after spending the $30 bonus do not engage with the app intensively,” the U.S. National Bureau of Economic Research reported.
Avalanche (AVAX) | Avalanche Price Index
Latest News on Market Capitalization

With bitcoin trading lower while Terra's two main tokens plummet, plus a deeper dive into market volatility, pages Markets Daily is back with the latest news roundup.
Hoping to benefit from the success of the blockchain game, merchants in the Philippines are now accepting Axie’s Smooth Love Potion (SLP) token.

Coca-Cola officially gets into NFTs for charity

El banco comenzará a negociar primero los futuros de bitcoin y luego notas de bitcoin negociables en el mercado, según confirmó una fuente a my page.
The Senate Environmental Conservation Committee won't consider the controversial bill, according to a schedule released Thursday.
Coinbase added SHIB little more than a month after that coin's creation, in marked contrast to its addition of dogecoin.
Some registered companies saw a 400% increase in their electricity bills in March, while unregistered miners don't plan to stop using subsidized residential tariffs.
The new investment vehicle, trading under the stock ticker XBTF, jumped into the competition with a lower fee than two similar funds launched last month. But its first-day trading volume was still comparatively anemic.

DeFi transforming lending routes on the blockchain

Libra's most vexing challenge may be juggling inclusion and compliance. But policy chief Dante Disparte says the project is not giving up on reaching the unbanked.

Move-to-earn: An active play-to-earn offshoot

The BIS review dedicated a special feature to discussing decentralized finance and its implications for financial stability.
The ether miner has reported its best ever quarter, saying that surging interest in DeFi led to bumper transaction fee revenues.
La fusión de la red de prueba permitiría a los desarrolladores trabajar en cualquier riesgo o error potencial antes de que Ethereum pase a ser una red proof-of-stake.

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Bitcoins are discovered rather than printed. Computers around the world “mine” for coins by competing with each other.
Bitcoin rises, Warren Buffett buys a gold miner, Wall Street dollars worry grow, OMG's price jumps, Orchid gets #pump tweet, Ethereum Classic's possible delisting.
Delphi says the LUNA tokens accounted for 13% of its assets under management at their peak, while Hashed appears to have lost over $3.5 billion.
With bitcoin sliding back below $30,000 in sync with U.S. stocks, plus a look at the early fallout from the collapse of UST, pages Markets Daily is back with the latest news roundup.
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